Welcome to Degroof Petercam Bank Switzerland


The Bank Degroof Petercam (Switzerland) Ltd is dedicated to the wealth management of its clients with an active and transparent approach and clear objectives.


With a presence in Switzerland since 1967, the bank is part of the group Degroof Petercam, with its headquarter in Belgium. Family owned, the group is independent and present itself as a key partner and a major actor in Europe with 1400 employees in eight countries.

Our differences


The financial, political and legal stability of Switzerland enables you to have a long term vision on the protection of your assets.


Switzerland has a long tradition and extensive expertise in Private Banking.


In Switzerland confidentiality is of the upmost importance. The country has an ethical commitment and a legal framework to protect private data and your general privacy.

International Expertise

Empowered by new international standards, Switzerland continues to reinforce its global expertise for private families as well as for corporations.

While some remain nostalgic of the past, we look forward to the future.

Bank Degroof Petercam Switzerland is growing at full speed, thanks to its positive outlook and serene approach to the future.

Our resources allow us to tackle a more and more complex world full of uncertainties.

With 50 years of experience, Degroof Petercam Switzerland managed to position itself as a solid actor in the Swiss Banking industry.

Our growth perspectives are the guiding forces behind our engagement to thrive for excellence when offering our services while delivering our expertise and high performance.

We are a bank fully dedicated to projects: we are surfing on a new dynamic and positive wave, in order to reinforce the bond of honesty and trust linking us to you over the long run.

To join Degroof Petercam Switzerland, is to reward yourself with a new ambition, a new vision and a new way of being advised.

Picking Degroof Petercam Switzerland ensures that you will benefit from a 50 years strong Swiss market expertise as well as the skills of a large group present throughout Europe with more than 1’400 employees and 50 billion EUR assets under management.

Supervised by the European Central Bank and family owned, the group has managed to build, through its different entities, real and solid strength on an international level.

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Our good performance has earned us the trust of our clients, and has been validated by several rewards of different distinctions. Proof of accomplishment: 70% of our clients entrust us with a discretionary mandate.

We are thus bound to deliver the highest level of performance.

Our strength lies in an active and transparent investment management, not based on speculation but rather on real convictions, representing the central element of our strategy.

Our convictions are important to our clients and seen as real added value.

Preserving your wealth?  Sure, but not only. In order to have an optimal growth we capitalise on reliable, solid and thoroughly controlled products that will allow us to achieve ambitious goals.

A boutique sized Bank, backed up by a solid group, we are pro-active on the market and we manage your demands in a prompt and precise way.

Our size is a major advantage with regards to flexibility and rapidity, saving you the inconvenience of long and complex procedures.


In a world that is constantly evolving, we have the ambition to reinvent ourselves each day, in order to deliver the best services, build strong relationships based on trust with our clients and to bring solutions which keep up with the latest changes.


Our range of skills covers the various fundamental aspects of our business.

Talented and well trained employees, transparency in our relationship with customers, resources from a well-known group, active management based on actual convictions; all of which allow us to deploy and strengthen the trust that binds us to each of our clients.


The world is changing, and so are tax requirements. We perfectly master all the aspects of the markets in which we operate.

Degroof Petercam Switzerland is already well equipped to face this new reality.


Unlike large banks who are often slow and very procedural, prompt reaction and speed of response are part of our DNA.

Our boutique size and organisation enable us to handle the demands of our clients quickly, efficiently and in a customised manner.

At Degroof Petercam Switzerland, we are convinced that the “tailor made“ service which is the pride of Swiss banks, must always be accompanied by efficiency.

Our services

A Swiss wealth management specialist

We will adapt our strategy to match the financial needs and expectations of each client.

Your objectives will evolve throughout your life, and we give the upmost importance to the implementation of our services. 

By joining Degroof Petercam Switzerland, you have at your disposal the sharpened expertise of a professional who will consider and understand your needs and expectations.

Specialized in private banking, we offer three types of services  :

Discretionary mandate

You wish to delegate the management of your assets?

Our specialists apply an active management approach: performance is our goal and we reach it through transparent, simple and reliable investment products.

Advisory mandate

You want to make your own decisions?

We advise and guide you on investment decisions, according to your needs and your profile, but you remain completely independent in the management of your assets.

Executory mandate

You would rather make your own investment choices?

We execute investment orders for you, according to your instructions efficiently.

Our skills enable you to optimise your private and/or business assets and prepare their transmission.

We have a global expertise in matters of succession and we will assist you in the long run even if you relocate.

We are thus responding to the expectations and cross-border issues of international customers.

We offer credit -related solutions to finance your business or private projects.

Our specialised teams will advise you through corporate transmissions.

We will support the planning and monitoring of your projects and we will assure sustainable support to the realisation of your goal.

Beyond these specific characteristics and regardless of the nature of our collaboration, we will also consider tax and legal implications that may arise.



"Quelle est la différence entre George Soros et Jeff Bezos ?"

Il y a au moins deux types d’actionnaires sur les marchés financiers. Ceux qui suivent l’approche de Soros et ceux qui agissent à la manière de Bezos. Soros est l’incarnation de la spéculation. Une grande partie de son attention est dédiée à suivre, comprendre et même parfois essayer d’influencer l’évolution des prix à court terme. Aux antipodes de Soros se situe Bezos l’investisseur. Il personnifie l’industriel qui se concentre sur la profitabilité de son business à long terme indépendamment de ce que fait la bourse. Ce n’est pas parce que les choix de Bezos se sont avérés, jusqu’à présent, plus fructueux que ceux de Soros que nous investissons avec l’approche d’un industriel. Nous préférons cette approche parce que nous sommes convaincus que ces caractéristiques construisent les meilleures performances.

Réponses aux questions de nos clients

Nous avons décidé de composer de petites histoires. Rédigées sous forme de contes, récits autobiographiques, fables, elles sont nos réponses aux questions de nos clients. Leur somme constitue la mosaïque de notre gestion de fortune qui, nous l’espérons, brossera un portrait compréhensible de ce que nous faisons.

Les inestimables propriétés de l'or (réflexion de notre CIO M.Dulguerov)

L’or est un mauvais investissement. Pourtant, il exerce toujours une étrange fascination sur les investisseurs. Probablement parce qu’il possède deux propriétés économiques et sociales exceptionnelles par leurs différences ; il est simultanément une valeur refuge et un véhicule de spéculation. Examinons cette dualité en passant en revue les caractéristiques de l’offre et de la demande de cette ressource naturelle unique.