August 2019 Market News

  In August, the financial markets were not in a summery mood. Economic trends and escalation of the trade conflict led to significant movements in the equity, bond, currency and commodities markets.

July 2019 Market News

  The Federal Reserve, Boris Johnson and the quarterly results were the 3 leading topics in July 2019. How they affected the bond, currency, commodity and equity markets? Our expert Johan Gallopyn analysed it for you.

Market News June 2019

  After an extremely weak month in May, equity markets were in June able to make up for a large portion of the losses incurred. Bond yields dropped another notch.

May 2019 Market News

  In May, tensions between the US and its trading partners reversed the upward trend seen in equity markets since the beginning of this year. Safe haven investments, in turn, gained ground.

April 2019 Market News

  With little in the way of news coming from the central banks and few new developments in Brexit or the trade negotiations between the US and China, in April all the attention was on company results.


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March 2019 Market News

  The most striking trend of the past month is the sharp decline in bond yields. Our expert, Johan Gallopyn, analyzes the events on the bond market and also looks at developments on the equity, currency and commodity markets.

February 2019 Market News

  The sharp rise in stock markets in January continued into February. Our expert, Alexandre Gauthy, examines the events that impacted stock, bond, currency and commodity markets last month.  

January 2019 Market News

  After December 2018, the weakest month for equity markets in almost a decade, January closed off as one of the better months in recent years.

December Market News

   Equities performed very weakly in December, resulting in a year which posted a loss overall. Our expert, Johan Gallopyn, takes stock of the previous month and the year 2018 in terms of the equity, bond, currency and commodity markets.

November Market News

   November was a rollercoaster month for the financial markets. Our expert, Alexandre Gauthy, examines the events of the month that had a direct impact on stock, bond, currency and commodity markets.

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